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Everybody’s Got a Story, Right?

My Life, My Story Podcast

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Howdy, Howdy, Y’all.

team leebra podcastEverybody’s Got a Story, Right?
Join your hosts, Lee and Debra Cloer, as we share heart-to-heart conversations on life, relationships, and intriguing personal tales with our special guests, average Joes and Joans, like you and me.
Here, they’ll share their stories and dive into the meandering journeys of life everyone holds. Beyond the chats, embark on a scenic voyage through the enchanting Great Smoky Mountains and revel in hidden culinary gems they unearth. Whether it’s a gripping interview or a delightful mountain escapade, it unfolds in this week’s episode.
Everyone has a story, and here, every story matters. Tune in!.

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Their story is one for the books. Their journey borders on the unbelievable. The path that led them to meet and the unexpectedly long journey and persistence that allowed them to finally become a married couple was only the beginning. Michael and Jenna Barry open up about the highs and lows of being a career military family. They share the lessons learned, wisdom they take away from the challenges and where they find their passion and joy post-military life.

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frank weisser

US Navy Blue Angel & Top Gun: Maverick F-18 Pilot – Frank Weisser

Frank “Walleye” Weisser, a former U.S. Navy Blue Angel who flew many of the most dramatic, low-altitude F-18 Super Hornet segments in the movie, including the low-level twisting canyon flight that proves to Maverick’s commanders that the mission can be done.

Weisser is a native of Atlanta, a US Navy Academy graduate, and accumulated more than 5,000 flight hours and nearly 500 carrier arrested landings.

Frank Weisser – Speaker:

chris lafrienier podcast

From Heroin Addict to Business Owner – Chris LaFrienier

Chris is a loving, supportive husband and father, a successful electrician, and a business owner. Growing up with a bit of a rebellious attitude and some disappointments from childhood led to a series of destructive and unhealthy choices that had Chris looking for answers from a source more powerful than himself. Join us as we learn about how Chris allowed God to change his path and use him to help and lead others.

Avodah Electric

maddie lloyd

Maddie Lloyd – Air Force Academy Grad, D1 Boxer, and Helicopter Pilot

Maddie Lloyd hails from Highlands, NC and was accepted into the Air Force Academy. She shares her long process of applying to the Army, Navy, and Air Force Academies and how she became a very successful women’s D1 boxing champ – 2x Team Captain and 3x Wing Open Champion (First Female to Win Four Wing Open Titles).
Her sophomore year was temporarily interrupted, but soon provided the type of challenges an academy student looks for in order to conquer and overcome. She graduated from the academy (2022) and was selected for helicopter flight school. She is currently stationed in Washington state as a 2nd Lieutenant awaiting her slot for flight school.

Be Value Added - Green Beret Special Forces Medic Brian Allen

Be Value Added – Green Beret (Special Forces) Medic – Brian Allen

Brian Allen is a Southern California kid who always knew he wanted to make a difference wherever he was. After spending some time at San Diego State University and working as a medical device salesman, he decided to take the leap and join the military at 25. He was selected Special Forces and trained as an 18Delta (Green Beret medic). Join us as we learn what it takes to stay motivated and his philosophy of always being “value added” to whichever team or mission he is a part of.

Now, as a father himself, he supports a foundation that provides mentorship, leadership development, resilience training, and team building for the children of our nation’s military, first responders, and intelligence community who lost their lives.

Become a sponsor/support Gold Star Teen Adventures!

maggie frej phillips

Maggie Frej Phillips – From a Kid in Communist Poland to America…What a Journey

Millions of people dream of coming to America. Some come upon an opportunity they can’t pass up. Either way, the journey isn’t one to take lightly. Join us as we learn so much from our good friend, Maggie… not only about her opportunity to move to a new country, but what it was like to grow up in communist Poland. So many things we take for granted will be brought to life in this informative, entertaining, and fun interview.

coach doug plemmons

More Than A Coach – Coach Doug Plemmons

With an overall winning record of 568 wins and 269 losses, it might be easy to conclude that Coach Plemmons is all about the “W.” But it doesn’t take long to realize there is much more to his coaching strategy than winning. Join us as we learn more about his growing-up years and his journey to not only coaching hundreds of young athletes but also the desire to mentor and make a lasting impact and build up young men of character.

32 years as a Head Coaching
Head Coach 5 yrs Cullowhee, 5 yrs Smoky Mountain, 23 yrs Franklin
3 yrs as an assistant coach in Rabun County
568 Wins and 269 Losses

jeff osterlund rocket scientist

Jeff Osterlund – [Rocket Scientist] Space Shuttle, International Space Station, & Artemis Programs

With over 33 years of experience as an aerospace professional, Jeff Osterlund was a chief engineer with Lockheed Martin and is a program manager with Boeing.

We discuss many of his career highlights including becoming the first person to perform air-to-air flight test refueling of a MIG-29 Fulcrum from a Royal Malaysian Air Force C-130 to leading modifications to the Space Shuttle Orbiter and supporting the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation.

Read more…

buddy huckabee

Buddy Huckabee – Band Director at Franklin High School (NC)

“One time at band camp…” We have those stories and much more as we get to know a lot more about Buddy Huckabee and his journey to become our very own band director at Franklin High School. From underdog competition stories to the Sugar Bowl, you will learn about all the challenges and obstacles that have to be overcome to have the success that Buddy has brought to our band program.

Anthony Keith Coppage

Mark Montimurro – 7x Florida High School State Champion Girls Softball Coach

Mark is a 7-time Florida high school state champion head girls’ softball coach. He currently coaches at Coral Springs Charter and holds a career record of 568-117. His drive for excellence and attention to detail has made him a very sought-out coach and mentor. From die-hard Red Sox fan to softball shenanigans, join us as we learn about his journey and his secret to success.

7 state championships: 1 in 1A; 1 in 2A; 4 in 5A; 1 in 4A

Anthony Keith Coppage

2X Naked & Afraid Contestant, Anthony Keith Coppage

What do ballroom dancing and outdoor adventures have in common? Our friend, Keith. Keith Coppage is not new to adventure. From paragliding to mountain climbing to surviving in the wilds of Africa, Keith lives life to the fullest. Join us as we learn more about his journeys all over the world and the ultimate test of his mental toughness.

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